There has been a lot of pushback in the ad agency significantly in display advertisements on google. People are reluctant to use them because they can be tricky as compared to search ads. This does not mean that they are not useful or valuable.

There are various methods to check the functionality of these ads. Whether these ads are performing well and the impact of these ads on google. You can always check the performance of these ads by multiple methods.

  • Audience Observation
  • Google Analytics
  • Trends on Google
  • View-through Conversion

Google Analytics

When you have the authority to sign in to google analytics, you can edit the audience sheet. You can create audience analytics, and there you can build your audience statistics. There can be multiple ways to generate a display audience traffic. You can also monitor the number of users through the traffic source who have visited your site through a campaign. You can also manually create your display URLs audience with specific sourcing. The landing page also helps in creating audience stats. You can view the performance of the audience from the Google Analytics report. You can see if anyone has converted from your audience list. This usually helps to create a brand image of the products through display ads.

Audience Observation

Once your audience display is ready, you can put them under the tag of observant to all of your network campaigns. They are just bidding audiences in google ads. We don’t want to target the display audience it is used to see how they will interact with your google campaigns ads. This is an important tactic, especially on your paid campaigns. Users in this way can turn into an organic audience.

Google Trends

Always look at how the goals and trends are changing after launching a campaign. Always keep an account of the most important keywords related to your brand. This will help you to design a campaign on those keywords for better searchability. Measure the intensity of keywords if you are launching a new product. Always use a specific product-related keyword to see the uses and growth. This creates awareness for the brands, and the searches start showing up.

View-through Conversion

This is not particularly search-specific, but when you are viewing your display campaigns, you can easily adjust the columns in google ads. You can always opt for the view through conversion when modifying your columns. This helps you to identify users who have seen your display ads but have not interacted. In this scenario, they have seen almost 50% of the ad. This means people have seen your ad, but they don’t want to click it because there on some other website for a different reason.

To conclude, we can say that display ads do create an impact. If your campaigns are not generating results, consult a professional who will redesign your ad, keeping in mind the targeted audience. Ads are always helpful in driving more traffic and turning that traffic into revenues.